Who we are?

In this section, we(about Mattkayla) acknowledge and maintain the data privacy of a user and their trust in us. In this, the user must note the URL of the site, the name of the organization, and accurate contact information. Access to information will help you over national business regulations.
On this site, we keep your data personal and we will not share any of your personal information with others, if required we will notify you first. our main goal is to use your personal information only to improve the site with user agreement and legal policy.

What Personal Data do we Collect and Why?

We collect your personal information like full name, email address, and billing receipt. We never ask you to share bank details like credit cards or any other documents related to your bank account so we can improve user experience. Personal information is not only collected for interaction with users but also collected to generate contact forms, comments, and cookies that may help to improve the user site.

Online Registration Site

While you are login you have to register first on the company website and then request to fill in personal information like your name email address and receipt address shopping. By default, WordPress does not collect your personal data and the registered data is shown on the profile screen. For verification and as per our policy, we may inquire about your residence address.


In this subsection, we just add a cookie system on your browser to modify and improve your online browsing experience like online shopping on your computer. When you use a website third parties may use cookies to collect information. This is to instruct you that you must accept all the cookies in the browser.


In the media, users must note what information may be disclosed by them and who is able to upload media files. We have noted the data collected by WordPress by default. All uploaded files are easy to access.

How to Protect your Data

All the user’s personal information is important to us to keep it safe. our website is verified and maintains security from hackers. Security depends on the user when you enter your information on the website. Security measures two factors, authentication and encryption. Online transaction occurs very fast way, so we cannot guarantee full security. Complete security is not promised by anyone either online or offline.

Data Sharing

We are tied up with other organizations that provide services or support customers, credit card payments and improve sites. We need to take court orders or legal processes to disclose your personal information. We do not share any personal information with anyone for their business purposes. We work as partners with third parties to show advertising and it may be set for the users to access their cookies and collect different online services.

International Personal Data Sharing

You can list all transfer data from your site and describe the meaning that data is safeguarded to European data protection standards, this could include third-party services. Our services provide servers across the world and data may be transferred across the country to the users. Whether that is through an agreement such as a privacy shield, model clause, or binding corporate rules.

Audit Policy

As per the legal order, we have the right to change or update our policies periodically. You must stay aware and updated regarding any new policy updates, we notify you timely.

Users Data Rights

Users have a right to access their personal data we have. They have the right to change, incomplete updated personal data which can be erased personal data by requesting to the host. you have the right to make a complaint about your personal information collection with the authority concerned.

Contact Information

In case you have any concerns related to your personal information, please send your queries to contact@mattkayla.com. We will respond to your request at the earliest timeframe.