We are honored that people chose our website for the product. Our website Mattkayla will always be available at your service in any situation. Users using the website products are governed by the following terms and conditions including the applicable policies. The best medicine platform is Mattkalylas products shipped across the country. While ordering the medicine read the following terms and conditions for a better understanding.

Users’ Approval

Before browsing our website user approval with us regarding usage terms and conditions is valuable. When the user logs into the website, they shall be responsible for their confidential data with name and password.

If the user provides us untrue or incomplete data then by these terms of use, we have the right to block access to user membership and refuse to give access to their account for this website. When the user is applicable for the use of membership they get notified personally via mail.

If customers are satisfied with our services and terms of use, they can continue to proceed. If your approval is not there, we will not be able to entertain your legal queries, and keeping updated on our terms and conditions is the user’s responsibility to follow up with them.

Data Privacy

All the information of our customers is valuable to us, we keep that completely safe and secure. Our website is protected with end-to-end encryption so no one can steal your data. The personal data can only be accessible by the user by himself/herself.

We prohibit performing any unauthorized activity that is against the law of the country and personal medicine sharing with any third party.

Product Description

Mattkayla we have a main focus on our ideal customer. We do not promote wrong information about products or invalid medicines.

Warranties and Liability

Our website Mattkayla does not warrant all the medicine products and services. This website in any way will not be liable to you and we do not give a warranty that this website information, product, materials, and content are accurate or sent from us via electronic communication with harmful viruses.

User must be required to enter their valid phone numbers while placing an order. We will not use the user’s number for information to initiate any promotional phone calls.


By the policies, the owner must be able to sell the item legally on our website. The medicine price may vary for a particular product. however, we do not guarantee the same price for each medicine. We shipped medicine across the country which may include the authorized delivery charges. The prices mentioned on the site for particular products can be changed with the adherence of the US government.

Order Shipped Delay

In case of any issues, your order delivery will be delayed, we will notify you via contact number or email. we are not liable for delivery issues, as per our policy you can request for refund after 3-4 days of order delay. We will repay within 7 days.

Payment Gateways

All payment facilities using the Mattkalya website features as provided in policies within the delivery or non-delivery period. While picking up the order user can pay cash on delivery transactions for their safety. All electronic payment facilities are also acceptable on our website like credit cards, debit cards, and any other UPI ID.

Contact Information

In the end, it is to inform all the customers in case you have some questions remaining or any other concerns you have related to your products, you may contact us accordingly on the giver mail id contact@mattkayla.com. We will respond to you soon.